Wonderful Facts

Wonderful Facts About the KeraCare® Thermal Wonder™ System – Scientifically Proven!!

Protects Hair Wonderfully!

  • There is NO DAMAGE to the hair after using the Thermal Wonder™ system and flat-ironing hair at 400° F. Magnified pictures of hair strands below show damaged areas on the strand where Thermal Wonder was not used, and normal, healthy hair on the strand where Thermal Wonder was used.
    Without Thermal Wonder™
    With Thermal Wonder™
  • Using the Thermal Wonder system (and flat-ironing at 400° F with 3 passes) leaves the elasticity of the hair stronger than if you had not done any thermal styling!
  • Seals cuticles.

Combats Humidity Wonderfully!

  • With Thermal Wonder, hair stays straight in 70% relative humidity, but hair gets frizzy within an hour without Thermal Wonder.

Eases Combing Wonderfully!

  • The Pre-Poo Conditioner makes it much easier to comb coily to tightly coiled hair whether it’s wet or dry. Without using the Pre-Poo, it’s twice as hard to comb when it’s dry!
  • The Cream Cleansing Shampoo makes it easier to comb coily to tightly coiled hair when wet and dry.

Enhances Moisture Wonderfully!

  • Using the Thermal Wonder™ system increases scalp hydration significantly.
  • The scalp loses more water without using the Thermal Wonder™ system.